Saturday, December 1, 2012

If you're going to San Francisco...

Turns out I’m kinda okay with being stuck in the fog.  And here’s why- The newly redone American terminal in SFO has about everything good that can be good about airports.  It’s airy, clean, well decorated, and much quieter than the major airports most of the time (it’s a ghost town in comparison to LAX today, and that’s with all the delayed flights).  

The Admiral’s club is new and well done, even down to the floor-to-ceiling fake pines that somehow don’t seem as tacky as they should.  Plus, yes they do have showers, and they're much nicer than mine at home.  And for delayed flights they make gate announcements.  I’m in love.  Only flaw is the view isn’t of very many active gates/taxiways/runways.  But there I’m spoiled, haven’t found one that beats LAX for that yet.

The food choices in the main terminal are great, and reflective of the city- Wine bar, organic café, sushi, etc.  And the club makes a spicy bloody mary, both the glass and I are sweating a little.  Plus, it’s given me some time to tweet with my new best friend- that being, whoever is stuck on social media duty at American’s marketing division.  I’ve been sure to keep them updated with my travel plans, and they answer dutifully.  It’s like having a private anonymous mileage run cheerleader….or a tweeting robot buddy.  Now I’m just working out how best to have a little fun with it, since whoever it is must already think I’m crazy, so why not?  However, it does look like I’ll have to head out at some point here- my standby is going to clear, so once they get us a plane, I’ll be headed back to the City of Angels.

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