Friday, November 30, 2012

Here we go again....


Here we are again.  Or at least here I am again.  Wow, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?  The last few years have been full of so much there’s not much of a point in trying to summarize.  If I find the time, I’ll go back and fill in the many gaps.  There’s been travel (some good flights), and quite a bit more.  However, I’m choosing to revive this blog tonight for the same reason I started putting it together in the first place.
            Dammit, yes, American Air has done it again.
            DEQM and then some (more ranting on this later).  Remember when I said I’d probably never be up for Executive Platinum status again?  Lies, all of it.
            I’m currently in the Admiral’s Club at LAX awaiting the redeye to Boston...followed by the sunrise flight right back where I started, then onto a quick jaunt to San Francisco and back before heading home, possibly to a nap.  Then, I’ll be doing it again for the next 2 weeks.  Seriously, this seemed like a really good idea a couple weeks ago.  Still, I never regretted the last mileage runs I did, so I hope in time this will be another crazy, yet good, memory.
            I’ve come to think of my somewhat-obsession with miles and airline status in several ways, justifying?... Maybe.  Firstly, sometimes it’s just a good deal plain and simple.  I’d argue this round qualifies there.  Secondly, it can be a chance to step out of the routine, meet new people, and hopefully see new things (usually just the inside of a 737, but hey, American’s taking delivery of some this year so they’re technically new!).  And thirdly, I’ve come to realize I have an ongoing love for learning about and sometimes being part of subcultures in the huge thing we call ‘society.’  Whether it’s pets, games, or flying on planes, there’s something to be said for being part of something that allows you to instantly strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never met before and be totally engrossed.  As disparate as we all seem to get these days, I’d hazard to say reason #3 is pretty valid.
            About an hour left now, they just made the announcement for passengers on Qantas Flight 12 to head to the Gate 44 shuttle (more on the significance of this at some point later), and I’m considering changing into more comfortable clothes.  It’s going to be a long 13 hours until I’m back here, hopefully with plenty of time for a meal and a shower.
            Until then, wishing you all a good start to the weekend.  I’ll catch you on the turn-around.