Thursday, January 2, 2014

Over 2013.....

Happy New Year!!  Hope it was as good of a 2013 for everyone else as it has been for me.  Aside from making the big 100k miles, the rest of life has likewise been memorable to say the least.  As I take the first few steps into another year (and admit it really is time to get back to the gym....and on a diet that includes less processed cheese snacks) I thought it would be fun to relive 2013 'from the sky.'  To that end, here are my top 10 favorite shots from seat 6A (or 15F...or...well, you get the idea).

10- Sunset over the Southwest, ABQ->LAX

9- Maui hillside & wind turbines, HNL->OGG

8- Snow patterns over the plains, DFW -> SEA

7- Stars above, lights below, DFW->LAX

6- Southern Japan and Islands, PVG->NRT

5- Cascades, DFW-SEA

4- Boston from final approach, DFW->BOS

[Photo credit- Mrs. CruisingAltitude]
3- Path of the snowstorm, DFW-BOS

[Photo credit- Mrs. CruisingAltitude]
2- Lights from above, PVG->NRT

1- Mount Ranier & dome cloud, DFW->SEA

Honorable mention- This lightening storm, DFW->BDL

And, as always, it's good to make it safely home again- LAX sunset from Terminal 4

Happy 2014, enjoy the ongoing adventure & fly safe!