Saturday, December 1, 2012

CruisingAAltitude- 1 Mileage Run-0....

Last flight of the weekend, the short hop back from SFO to LAX and I’m totally aviation-geeking out.  Remember when I said it was fun to see the retrofitted 737 a few flights ago?  Yeah, well this time I’ve got a brand new one to check out.  I’ve also got a uniformed pilot sitting next to me who confirmed it was probably less than a year old.  The cabin looks and feels more like a mix of a single-aisle 767, with the scoop-like overhead bins, and the pictures I’ve seen of the new 787 Dreamliner than the 737 workhorses I’ve gotten used to.  Okay that last comparison may be stretching it, but the larger, oval window frames, smooth lines, open feel and blue recessed ceiling lighting that changes to a gold/yellow when they ‘bring the cabin lights up are kinda doing it for me.    
            Even better, there’s the last minutes of a beautiful orange and blue sunset out the right-side window.  I’d take a picture but there’s no way my phone camera would do it justice.  I’ll just settle for enjoying it from the sky, and for having picked up over 17,000 miles in the last 24 hours (that’s about 6,000 real miles flown for those who read the math post).  Well, we’re already beginning our decent so it’s time to pack it up and head back to real life.   
            Until next week, goodnight and fly safe…

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