Friday, June 2, 2017

Havana Running Part 12- Can You SEA Me Now?


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Part 1: Relaxing

Part 2: I Promise Not To Call This Sleepless In Seattle

And now, the conclusion....

Well friends, here we are, the last flight of the weekend.  I'm sitting in 1C to finish it off.  To say the least this trip has been an experience.  I didn't end up getting stranded (read released) in LA.  The Miami flight made up time, and the Seattle flight was a few minutes behind so trying the 'I couldn't make my flight' argument wasn't going to pass the sniff test.  

My family is out of town, so instead of fighting through LA traffic at 5pm, I've taken a little jaunt up north to Seattle.  My total ground time was about 20 minutes.  It was just enough to remember how late the daylight lasts here this time of year.  8pm and it's not even dusk yet. 

The flight up was beautiful, watching the desert fade into hills and mountains.   There's the added bonus of having the same flight crew on the turn around.  I'm enough of an oddity/amusement tonight for the 1st cabin flight attendant he's got my order down when I walk back on the plane.  It's the little things.  Besides, I'm okay with being an oddity, clearly.

As usual, the end of a mileage run is a high altitude mix of satisfaction, tiredness, and a fair amount of nostalgia.  There's both the exhaustion of flying for what amounts to days on end, combined with that let down feeling of coming back from vacation.  You both want to be home badly, and are bemoaning it at the same time. 
On the bright side, it seems like my precious cargo is surviving the journey, and for once I've managed to keep up fairly well with writing my posts (if not actually posting them). 

I've come to realize that you get a strong sense of a place from just a day or two there.  I've said that mileage running is essentially having a 'first date' with cities around the world.  You know whether you want to try it again.  Havana is intriguing- I think a second date is in order if the flight deals are right, but I'm not about to move there.  I'd definitely encourage anyone who's curious to go check it out, and the sooner the better before people realize it's so accessible now. 

It's been great to have so many people who (seem anyway) to be following along with me on this trip.  I mostly write about my travels for my own sake- to remember the details in the moment for later, but if it provides some entertainment and information to anyone else, all the better.

This year has been busy so far.  Between mileage trips, work travel, and family vacations, I'm headed for requalification early.  I have one more scheduled trip soon that's wonderful and convoluted and takes me through Doha x3 with side trips to Colombo and Cairo.  I'm just putting together the finishing touches on the itinerary- hotels, 'one thing to see,' and the like.  Since it's Summer in Doha, the hotel and tourist deals are amazing (like free night at the Ritz, too good to be true so I'm skeptical even with a confirmation number in hand amazing).  I'm hoping to have a preview post up of it all soon. 

Next after that is family travel to Europe!! We're taking Baby Flyer to Helsinki (thanks to Finnair having some great award space in business class this Summer) and then on to Tallinn and Copenhagen!  We'll be keeping up with this one over on Baby Flyer Blog, which is where we post about travel with the kiddo- the good, the bad, and the things that make it easier (even fun). 

Until the next flight, travel well,


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