Monday, May 22, 2017

Havana Running Part 4: Taking it South

Part 1: Relaxing

Part 2: I Promise Not To Call This Sleepless In Seattle

Part 3: Just Sit Anywhere

And where we're going next....

Is Havana!  Preface to this and the following entries- I'm sorry I couldn't update from 'the road' while I was in Cuba, but (surprise surprise) I was incommunicado entirely.  No cells will work there, and while it's technically possible to get a wifi card and get online at specific places around the city, the coverage is spotty to say the least, so I opted to disconnect for my 36 hours.  In all honesty, this was part of the trip's charm.  I was anxious about being out of reach, but I survived and remembered what it was like to live before our constant contact lifestyle. 

Anyhow, that said, it's good to be back and updating on the journey!  I did a fair amount of writing while I there, so this is the first of those posts.  Thanks for reading!

Why is it that flights heading South out if MIA are just so simply stunning?  That's a bit of a rhetorical question given the coastline and aquamarine waters, but still.  I've literally been around the world, and there's nothing like it.  
These flights also have a certain feel to them in the cabin.  Most people are off on adventures and vacations, and it's a great vibe.  
Today's is even better than in the past.  It's not even a full business class, and everyone is chatty/excited, and with an edge of the unexpected.  The question of the day being asked among strangers is 'have you been before?'  The answer is uniformly - "no, have you?"
It's an unbelievably short 45 minute flight to Havana, which just hammers home how close Cuba is to be so removed for so long from its neighbor. 

My seat mate was nice enough to switch places with me so I could take pictures out the window, so enjoy!
As soon as we leveled off, it was a 10 minute cruise time, before we headed back down again.  Blink and you missed it. 

We approached Havana airport through a rain squall, but it didn't cause any issues with the flight.  We touched down on time and in good spirits, thanks to an attentive flight crew who managed a full drink service and several snack basket passes in a matter of minutes. 
We're off to a good start on this whole Cuba thing, I think.

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