Friday, May 19, 2017

Havana Running Part 2- I Promise Not To Call This Sleepless In Seattle....

SEA approach at its best!
The Story So Far:
…But it kinda is.  I have to face facts, having a toddler has made me old.  It’s not even 10pm, and I’m ready for bed.  I’m trying very hard right now not to think about how I won’t be able to actually lie down to sleep for a good 18 hours.
This is, of course, unless I’m right about my DFW-MIA plane configuration.  Please let me be right about that!  In that case, I’ll get a blissful 3 hours of lie flat time.  Fingers crossed.

Anyhow, I had an uneventful flight up to SEA, the highlight of which was a beautiful light show on the descent over Puget Sound.  When SEA is on its game, there’s few approaches in the world like it.  Maybe YVR, but I won’t say that too loudly around here.

In other news, I think I successfully signed up for “Clear.”  It was fairly simple since I already made my profile online- Finger scan, iris scan, picture, ID check, a few questions….okay now this sounds more complicated than it was.  I may have spent too much of my life in security lines and passport checks that I’m desensitized to all this.
The upside is that in theory it should limit such nonsense and cut all the lines in the future (where the service is provided).   We’ll see.  I’ll update with a review the first time I use it “for real.” Tonight I did get to cut the precheck line though, so it's promising.

I then spent the next couple hours having some quality time in the SEA Centurion Lounge.  Shout out to my buddy there (you know who you are, but unless a certain other buddy passes this on….you’ll never know).  As I’ve repeatedly, repeatedly said the Centurion lounges are head and shoulders above the average domestic lounge, and are the main reason we cough up the Platinum card renewal fee.  Had some specially made skinny margaritas, and dinner before the club closed at 10pm.

Since this was 2 hours before my next flight, I did what any red-blooded mileage runner would do in the situation- found the next best club.  In this case, the Alaska Airlines Board Room that I can access on Priority Pass, or my Admiral's Club access since I'm flight American for my next flight.  All's well and good when there's options until boarding.  I can't go back to the terminal....I just can't!! ;)

So, can I just take a moment here to encapsulate what exactly trips like this can add to your life?  Tonight I walked off the elevator of the Board Room, zombie style, right smack into a priest in full floor length robes… holding what appeared to be a dirty martini.  As in- the priest had the martini, not me. 

And that, Charlie Brown, is what the spirit of Mileage Running is all about.

Next up- DFW (I’ve missed you).

~Cruising Altitude

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  1. The buddy from down south passed on the message to the one in Seattle ;)