Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Admirals Club at IAH- First Look

Bye, LAX, see you in 24 hours!
As you probably don’t know, CrusingAltitude has been spending their Mondays for the past month hauling back and forth to Houston’s IAH airport for one night stays, and a day of work.  It’s a new city, new airport, and new lounges to be explored.  Plus, a whole lot of time on American Eagle's E175s with their nonstop service from LAX. 
Leaving the "Eagle's Nest" at LAX
Case in point- there’s a new Admirals’ Club in terminal A at IAH!!  This was sorely needed, as American has an increasing presence at this airport, and it’s all alone over in terminal A which is just about as far as you can be from the Centurion lounge in terminal D.  If you’re not an Amex member, then you were even more stuck when flying American as there really was no lounge option. 

The New Admiral’s club is right in the middle of AA’s gates, next to gate 25 and by the connector hallway from the terminal link train.  You can’t miss it.

Club entrance- Terminal A
 The lounge is BRAND new, having just opened since the last time I was here two weeks ago.  It would have been even nicer had it been open then, seeing as how I had a 2+ hour delay due to weather, wherein I paid a cool $30 for a burger and a watered down margarita (or two) at the Hubcap Burgers location across from gate 26A…but whatever….it’s there now.

Seating areas

More seating, showing the new AC decor
My brief stop revealed a compact, but well thought out new Club.  They don’t have ample space, but they’ve made the best of it and put in a decent amount of seating divided into two distinct areas- the bar and the lounge.  
Bar area
Food service/Coffee bar
I was really impressed with the new décor and the well placed food bar in the divider behind the check-in desks, making the most of their space.  The staff was very friendly, though it was clear they were in the training stages.  All in all, I give it a thumbs-up as a satellite/small location lounge, and I applaud AA for taking notice of the need for an AC at IAH.  For those without access to the Amex lounge, or with delays that puts anyone in terminal A for extended periods, this place will be a welcome addition to the network!

Fly safely, lounge well,

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