Saturday, November 23, 2013


Ready to board- 777-300ER at LAX

It begins..... Mileage season 2013.

And we're off!  I'm writing this from AA136, the first of 4 long haul flights in this year's first (and longest) mileage run.  So far, so good.  No, my upgrade didn't clear, but I've got a comfortable aisle MCE seat on the brand new 777-300ER and am enjoying a little IFE before trying to get a little sleep before landing in LHR (I watching Planes as a matter of principle).
Hey, that guy looks familiar!

(Okay, maybe one complaint, which has two parts- 1- GoGo doesn't work internationally, and 2- the service they do offer doesn't seem to want to take my money.  Long and short of this is this will have to be posted from LHR.)

Upon arriving at LAX I got my first chance to check out the AA Flagship Lounge.  No complaints there either.  Except maybe one small one- how can you have not one, but three nice silver tequilas...and no lemon or lime juice to mix?? Priorities people, come on!
Buffet at LAX FL

Well, we've cleared some moderate turbulence, which coincided with dinner service (of course) and they just brought down the (pretty LED) cabin lights.  Time to relax and see if I can get a little sleep over the Atlantic.  Have another long day of lounges and row 29k on deck for tomorrow.  Plus, I found a place that'll let me feed a Giraffe for $3.  Well, I have to pay to get to the park first, but the giraffe food really is a pretty good deal...

Wish me luck,


Addendum- made it safely to LHR and am FULLY enjoying the BA Galleries First lounge.  I've had a shower, some lunch, and some 18yr Glenlivet. I've had worse days :)

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