Sunday, November 24, 2013

Good morning Jo'Burg....

Good (early) morning from Johannesburg, South Africa!

Mileage run half way done!  It's 5am local time, and I'm wide awake.  The 10hour time difference is taking its toll, but I'll survive.  I'm relaxing in my (upgraded, thanks AmEx Plat) room at the Hilton Sandton, and watching soccer on one of the only 10-ish channels the hotel has.  I'm not quite sure who's playing...but I'm rooting for the guys in blue.  

Yesterday was a blast, even if we were all incredibly tired.  I arrived with the 5 other mileage runners on my flight from LHR and met up with a few others who were on the other BA flights.  We made our way out to Sandton via the Gautrain, and then hired a tour guide to take us out to 'Lion Park.'  My photos from the tour are stuck on my phone since the Hilton only allows one device on the free wifi, but I'll do a full trip report when I get home.  The short story- fun experience, you get up close and personal with the animals (several lions walked right up to our van, and at one point we had to wait for a herd of antelope to cross in front of us).  Plus, we had a chance to pet and play with lion cubs....and yes, I did get to feed that giraffe.

Most of my companions headed back to the airport last night to catch the outbound back to LHR.  I'll be right behind them tonight, but luckily my upgrade just cleared for the second and third flights, so it looks to be a much more comfortable return.  Can't wait to check out the 77W business class product!  

Review (definitely) to follow.


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