Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reasons why...

This is my first shot at writing a blog, so bear with me. I haven't done it before because a) I didn't have the time/energy/inspiration to set it up and b) I didn't think I had too much to say that was worth others taking the time to read.

So then.... what's changed? Glad you asked..

The impetus for this is that I'm about to do something totally ridiculous this weekend, something that people know is done, but it's a "who does that??" kind of thing. Yes.... I'm flying just for the airline miles. Now, this is not to say that I won't enjoy my (albeit short) visit to Boston. However, 1- I was there last weekend and 2- The round trip to New York's JFK airport is just for fun. This will, however, allow me to earn the full 100,000 qualifying miles on American Airlines this year to graduate to "Executive Platinum." I realize this is completely silly, and I'm fairly sure I won't be telling too many people that I did it. So then....what better plan is there than to tell the internet all about it?

Now you're probably thinking "Ok, this crazy person is just going to talk about how long flights are, what episode of 30 Rock is on the inflight entertainment and why its important to sit at most 5 rows from the exit, why am I still reading this?" Well, good question....and here's my answer: No, I don't intend to just talk about the inside of a 757. The inside of a 757 is, however, a great place to question one's society, life choices, and/or why the person in seat 17D has decided to fly in her evening gown.

So, why "cruising altitude?" Well, as the caption above alludes, I've reached the place in my life where for the first time I'm not chasing goals I set previously. I'm finally done with school, am not studying for, nor waiting on the results of tests, and have a steady job. This is not to say I don't have many small (and some big) things I'd like to achieve and get accomplished. However, the main lofty goals I set in high school aren't looming anymore. Thus... more pondering. Oh.... and I obviously fly a lot.

That said, if you're intrigued enough to stay with me and read what I manage to think of from 36,000 ft, even just out of morbid curiosity over whether that woman in 17D manages to change in the plane's of luck to you, and welcome.

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