Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here we go again...

Well, after an all too short visit to Boston I'm once again on the move. I'm waiting for flight 223 from Boston's Logan international back to LAX to start my week like normal on Monday at 5am. The Admiral's Club in Boston has been undergoing a much needed renovation, which means that it's only about half its normal size and is chronically crowded. However, I like where they're going with the new look so I'll survive.

The time in Boston was great as usual. We went to one of my favorite restaurants on Tremont Street, Aquitaine. It's a great place for brunch, and is a fantastic value for the quality and atmosphere. Also, today we had a favorite server. A few months ago, we were one of his first tables on his first day serving rather than doing the dishes. He was great, and we'd made that quite clear on our comment card that day. As well as being a good waiter, he apparently also has a fantastic memory, and remembered not only our faces, but what table we had been sitting at that day. Sometimes you never know who you'll leave a lasting impression on.

So after less than 24 hours, I'm headed home. I miss Boston already, and I have a full workweek to look forward to, and probably then some. But for now, I've got 6 more hours at 36,000 ft ahead of me.

Wish me luck....

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