Monday, March 6, 2017

We Need To Talk

I realized what was missing from my blogging life, and maybe my life in general.  That is a place to air my pithy but, to me, SUPER IMPORTANT gripes about travel. I have a lot.  I usually forget them within a day or so, but nevertheless, the truth must get out!

So, without further ado, I give you...

"We Need To Talk"
Yes, I'm talking to you.
American Airlines, We Need To Talk about the alleged new boarding times.  For eons, when to get to the gate was quite simple- 30 minutes ahead was boarding, and no getting there less than 10 minutes before or risk having the aircraft door slammed on your face.  This I could live with.  Now, when I roll up to the gate exactly on time, like I did today, you're boarding Group 8 and there's no overhead space.  I don't want to pull a DYKWIA here, but if you're in 1st, you shouldn't have to get to the gate 45 mins or more ahead to claim space and then sit on the plane for that much longer. 

At the very least, if this is our new world order, just say so.  Make an announcement that we now board 40 minutes ahead and let us plan for that.  Common courtesy people, come on.

This is what an upgrade looks like
Marriott, We Need To Talk about what the term "upgrade" means.  You seem to be under the impression that an upgrade is just the exact same room on a different floor, with no added benefits.  This isn't a thing in my book.  Overall, your room upgrade treatment of elites is painfully bad in comparison to SPG, which you're now gobbling up.  Please try to learn something along the way.  Or if you won't, just tell me straight up you're not giving me a better room, own it & move on.

Yes, KAL, you have the best pavilion view & plenty of seats, but you still need soy sauce
KAL Lounge at LAX, We Need To Talk about the fact that you serve sushi, but there's no soy sauce.  First off, you're KOREAN air lines.  You know the score.  Secondly, your 'sushi' NEEDS soy sauce.  This is not an opinion.

Oh, and I thought I was done....but wait, there's more.

Sushi bar at the ATL Airport Marriott, We Need To Talk about the fact that you served me marginal miso soup with a TEASPOON.  It's taken me like 30 minutes to eat.  Soup spoon, or just let's pretend it's the NRT location, and I'll just drink it like you're supposed to.

And on that,

~CruisingAltitude out.

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