Sunday, April 21, 2013

On the night shift....

It's been awhile since the last update.  There's been a little travel and plenty going on in the 'grounded' side of life....but that's not why we're all here, is it? .....

Well, who doesn't like to spend a Sunday night on a plane?  I mean, what kind of question is that?  Not me, clearly.  Tonight I'm at LAX, using up prime Admiral's Club real estate, facing an impressive row of late night arrivals and departures, still painted the classic livery colors (see previous post for my feelings on that) dwarfed by the jets lined up in the background at TBIT.  The place is fairly full, mostly with people headed off on Qantas to Sydney and Melbourne, and to lose a day in the process.

For my part, after a weekend of dodging the crowds in my neighborhood for the Grand Prix races, I'm headed out to Philly for work for a few days.  Simple enough, but I set myself up for the extra couple thousand miles and am headed overnight to Miami first.  Because, well, like you do....

The upgrade's looking good for the second flight, but probably not the first.  This is to be expected as I booked later than usual, but it does break my perfect upgrade score since getting back to Ex Plat status.  Somehow I'll survive.  I've got my overnight kit and hopefully time for a shower in the Club between flights, then some downtime before the appointments start Monday afternoon.

So the flight plan checks out, the hotel situation more complex.  Now, if someone wants to tell me what the h%$^ is going on in Philly the next few days, I'd be very appreciative.  Even over a week ago there was no Starwood (or Hilton, for that matter) that could book a two night stay.  Being Platinum with SPG now I called and was informed that they could force a reservation at the rack rate for me.  Thanks but no thanks guys, I'm sure your Downtown Sheraton is fantastic *ahem* but if I'm paying $400 a night for it I'm going to have a hard time getting it past accounting when I get back.

As it worked out I managed to find one night in town at the Sheraton Society Hill, and then will have to pack up and stay in yet another Sheraton in Wilmington the next night.  Downside- all that moving.  Upside- two qualifying check-ins.  (come on, there had to be an upside)

All in all this trip isn't a duplicate of any I've done before, so I'm looking forward to it.  Hotel reviews and such to follow I'm sure.

Well, I'd love to stay and prepare a full traveler rant about my decision to let my Admiral's Club membership lapse in favor of getting in on my AmEx but.....oh so sadly....that will have to wait.  It's getting to be time to think about changing into the 'redeye clothes' and heading off to the other coast (hopefully without any delAAys). Until later, fly safe.


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