Thursday, October 24, 2013

'Bloody Good Choice.....' PreFlight Post

I really should be editing a 'totally serious and insightful' trip report, but I'm not.  I'm having a Bloody Mary in the LAX club before my LAX-DFW-EWR trip to a good friend's wedding.  Had initially considered trying to hop an earlier flight to DFW to check out the NEW Centurion Club that my Plat. Amex gets me into (very very excited about this...very), but earlier today my upgrade cleared for my 767 flight to Dallas, and I'm not about to sacrifice a lie-flat seat on a domestic flight.  The Centurion will have to wait for another (hopefully soon) date.  

Wait, what was this post supposed to be about?  Sorry....distracted by a shiny new club for a second there...

Right, Bloody Marys!  In short- one of my favorite pre- and post- departure beverages.  Couple reasons- socially acceptable many hours of the day (although anything generally goes in airports), low on the sweetness factor, heigh on flavor, and some article awhile ago that I half remember seemed to say they were healthy....ish.  

However, besides there seems to be some science behind the case that bloody marys are delicious in flight.  It turns out that the same altitude symptoms that shut off about 30% of your taste buds at 35,000ft, also take some of the acidity out of the flavor, making them taste even better at cruising altitude. That, combined with the already bold flavors, make it a good choice.

That said, here's a quick rundown of where (and where not) to order one: (Can't write a travel blog entry without giving unsolicited advice)

1- Alaska Airlines Board Room, Seattle.
For some reason, this place consistently makes the best airport Bloody Mary I've had.  No clue why....maybe it's the rain....

2- Admiral's Club, SFO.
Great bar staff (great staff in general), plenty of kick.  Plus, if you're in the mood for something else, ask for a skinny marguerita (can't get these in LAX).

3- Admiral's Club, LAX (or DFW, or BOS).
Standard fare, no complaints, plus it's free.  Varies day to day.

4- On the plane!
As said above, altitude helps.  I've had them mixed and doctored up by the FAs on occasion, but on shorter flights you're looking at a bottle to Titio's and a can of Mr&Mrs T's.

5- Alaska Airlines Board Room, LAX.
Not sure what's up with theirs, but I wouldn't do it again.  Too sweet...but strong enough I didn't need a second...for sure.

Time to finish up & head out.  Until the next 'round,' fly safe!